As a Performing Arts/Drama Teacher

Professional Development for me as a ‘Drama Teacher’:

March 2015 & May 2015 – iTunes U Bootcamp: 3-day workshop delivered by Joe Moretti (Apple Distinguished Educator) as part of the school’s plan for every faculty to create courses to be published in the iTunes U Course-Catalog.

February 2015 – iBooks Author and iLife OS X 2-day workshop by Michael Pazinas (Apple Education Trainer). These workshops were delivered to a selected number of school staff as a part of the school’s plan to push for creating more content by teachers and students using iBooks Author and the iLife Package.

2015 – Presented at the SPARK Conference: I delivered a ten-minute presentation on using “Drama Strategies Across the Curriculum”




2014 – VISS-PLC workshops: I delivered two half-hour workshops on using “Drama Strategies Across the Curriculum” to all school staff.


2014 – Delivered a ‘Drama and Improvisation Course’ at Studio Emad Eddin in Cairo, Egypt: I was asked to deliver an eight-session course on developing confidence, public-speaking, presentation skills, communication skills and other soft-skills using drama and improvisation.


2014 – Australian International Academy – Caroline Springs Campus Workshop: I trained and mentored the drama teacher at our sister-campus, who was new to teaching drama.

aia caroline springs

2013 – Attended Impro Melbourne Spontaneity Workshop: To polish my improvisational skills as I teach improvisational theatre in most of my classes; and to gain useful coaching and teaching tips for my classes.


February 2012, 2013 and 2014 – Participated in Sherbrooke Theatre’s ‘Play-in-a-day 2012, 2013, 2014’: To polish my skills as an actor and theatre practitioner.


January 2012 – Attended a VCA Short Course ‘The Actor’s Process’: To step back into a ‘drama student’s’ shoes and reconnect with what it feels like; and to gain some useful teaching strategies and learning experiences.


2011 – 2013 – AIA Drama Blog: I setup this blog to share my teaching experiences and reflect on them and to connect with other drama teachers around the world.

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