As an eLearning Leader and Staff Trainer

Professional Development for me as an ‘eLearning Leader and Staff Trainer’ at VISS (2014-2016):

May 2016 – Received online IB Category 1 DP Economics training:

Since I will be teaching IB DP Economics next year again at a new school in USA, the school enrolled me in an online IB professional development workshop to brush up my IB Economics skills and knowledge. I really enjoy online-training to be honest, even more than face-to-face ones as I like to work at my own pace and interact with other trainees online through structured discussions. Most of the ‘assignments’ were of a reflective nature and some required us to create practical things to help us with our teaching, like a lesson plan, a course syllabus, a wiki summarizing the assessment criteria, an sample IA outline, an economics glossary, and many more.

May 2016 – Received online-training to become an Edmodo Certified Trainer (ECT):

The training was fully delivered online through the Edmodo platform. All trainees were added to a number of Edmodo ‘Small Groups’ representing each of the four modules of the training. There was a series of assignments in each module, aimed at getting us to reflect on how we use Edmodo and how we can model best practice when training staff on how to use Edmodo. I thoroughly enjoyed the training!

March 2016 – Delivered my first official APD (Apple Professional Development) training as an Apple Education Trainer (AET):

The training was a three-hour workshop about ‘Using iTunes U to Customize Learning’. I created an iTunes U course for the participants to enroll in, and together we explored the iTunes U Public Catalogue, as well as the process of creating private iTunes U courses. We also discussed best practices and how to use these courses to customize learning for our students.

February 2016 – Became fully authorized as an Apple Education Trainer (AET) for EMEIA region (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa):

After a very long training and selection process, I became a fully authorized AET, which is great professional development for me and a great step for me in my career path as I am interested in adult/teacher training, and would like to continue with teacher-training in the future.

February 2016 – Presenting at SPARK Conference in VISS:

I delivered two presentations, the first about how I use to flip my business classroom, and the second about how I use iDoceo on my iPad to stay organized. I also viewed and learned from several other educators/presenters from all over the UAE sharing their best practice in their classroom.

SPARK evidence

September 2015 & October 2015 – ‘Apple Education Trainer’ Selection & Training:

Attended a pre-selection training for becoming an Apple Education Trainer (AET), and made it into the second round for a two-day ‘final authorization and assessment’ training. Both training events were very intense and included multiple assessment tasks where I had to demonstrate my ability to train a group of teachers, my capacity to work under pressure, and my ability to integrate iPads into the learning processes happening in the classroom.

March 2015 & May 2015 – iTunes U Bootcamp: 3-day workshop delivered by Joe Moretti (Apple Distinguished Educator) as part of the school’s plan for every faculty to create courses to be published in the iTunes U Course-Catalog.

February 2015 – iBooks Author and iLife OS X 2-day workshop by Michael Pazinas (Apple Education Trainer). These workshops were delivered to a selected number of school staff as a part of the school’s plan to push for creating more content by teachers and students using iBooks Author and the iLife Package.

2015: Presented at the SPARK Conference a presentation titled “Using Evernote to Stay Organised as a Teacher”.




Professional Development for me as an ‘eLearning Leader and iPad Coordinator’ at AIA (2012-2014):

2013 – 2014: Published on the Oxford University Press ELT Blog

2013: Published an article titled “10 Things Edmodo Helps Me Accomplish In My Classroom” for ‘Education Magazine Issue 8’

2013 – 2014: Delivered three Seminars at ISV

  • Building ePortfolios in the Arts Using iPads
  • Effective Use of iPads in Humanities Teaching
  • Using Online Tools for Feedback and Assessment



2013: Presented at the VITTA Conference – Delivered a workshop on ‘iPad Workflow: Evernote + Edmodo’.


2013: Presented at the ICTEV Conference – Presented a ‘speed-sharing’ 7-minute presentation on Using Evernote and iPads to build ePortfolios in the Drama Classroom



2013: Delivered a full-day ‘eLearning and iPads’ Workshop for all staff at The Australian International Academy – Sydney Campus.


2012 – 2014: Blogging my teaching reflections and publishing multiple articles about my experiences with the iPad in the classroom and my tips and tricks. The blog is called ‘Reflections of a Passionate Educator‘.

2012: Attended an ISV 4-day Seminar on Integrating Pedagogy and ICTs


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