End of Semester 1!

So, Semester 1 ended today! This semester’s group will certainly be missed…

This semester, 6B and 6D studied Mime and Pantomime in term 1 and Radio Drama in term 2. The students were given the opportunity to create freeze-frames, pantomime scenes, radio commercials, radio interviews, and radio horror-plays. The students also had poster tasks to cover the theoretical aspect of the course. Each assessment task was used to address a different criterion of assessment, but each performance was creative, unique and entertaining! Well-done year 6 boys and girls!

The year 7 and year 8 groups studied Improvisational Theatre in term 1 and Slapstick Comedy in term 2. The assessment tasks involved creating and performing: sticky-situations improvisations, school-situations improvisations, serious-situations improvisations, “The Worst Day of My Life” improvisation using slapstick techniques and a slapstick comedy skit. The students were also assigned poster tasks and screen-casting tasks to address the theoretical components. We also watched and analyzed Tom & Jerry clips and parts of ‘The Mask’ as examples of slapstick comedy. Excellent work ladies and gentlemen!

I will surely miss this group! But, I am also super-excited about receiving the next group at the beginning of term 3!