Updates on Drama Club…

So, Drama club has officially been running for a term now. The students have been coached through the process of creating story maps and brainstorming ideas under the chosen MYP Area of Interaction: Environments. Three students have also written three scripts, each with a different interpretation of ‘Environments’.

One script talks about time-travel and how environments look different over time and how we take a lot of things in our environment fore-granted. The second play focuses on the school environment and the opportunities it creates for students from poor families. The third play is a rather abstract approach to analysing an institution for treating mental illnesses, as a rather unfamiliar environment.

In the coming few weeks, auditions will take place so that we can start casting the roles. The next phase in drama club will focus on character-building skills, line-memorisation strategies and rehearsal techniques. The students seem very enthusiastic, and I am too!

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