ePeer eEvaluation?

I decided to take Peer Evaluation into the eLearning sphere. I experimented with my year 7 classes, as they have iPads. The students were registered into a class on edmodo.com. Earlier, I prepared this peer evaluation google form (picture of it below ) based on a template that I adapted from The DramaNotebook. I then posted the link to the peer evaluation form on the class’ Edmodo page. You can also embed the form into a blog/Edmodo, but with iPads it might be a bit tricky for students to view the whole form, so I chose to just post the link to the form, which they access through the Edmodo app.

The students were each anonymously assigned a peer to evaluate. Each group was then given a prompt for their improvisation (as a wrap-up of the unit-of-work on improv theatre). Each performance was filmed with an iPad. Once all performances were finished, I projected all the performances on the screen and then students started their peer evaluations.

An advantage of Google Forms is that you can hide certain columns, so I hid the columns that show the student names and projected the feedback they are giving each other, so it was all immediate and in real-time. The students were very engaged and enjoyed receiving this feedback in real-time, which prompted discussions about their responses to that feedback.

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