Why I created this online teaching portfolio…

jacket mr moI have been teaching for about 8 years now. In those eight years, I have taught in three different countries (on three different continents). I have taught Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, Humanities (History and Geography), Performing Arts (Drama/Dance), Global Studies and English/ESL. I have also organised Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, directed school productions, ran extra-curricular clubs and been on many school camps. I have also been an eLearning Leader and iPad Coordinator, a time where I published with Oxford University Press on their English Language Teaching Blog, delivered several workshops and presented in several seminars and conferences. I have also successfully finished a Master of Teaching (incorporating a Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching) at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I was also awarded a ‘Top Performers’ Award – Silver Category’ in 2013 during my employment at the Australian International Academy – Melbourne Senior Campus. I have done so much, and I am very proud of my achievements and successes.morning routine

For this reason, I wanted to create a portfolio that documents my journey as a teacher, showcases my skills and strengths, highlights my main achievements, but also serves as a journal for my reflections as a teacher. I do not believe I would have grown so much and achieved so much if it wasn’t for my ability to reflect and learn from my mistakes (and I made many :P). I still have a lot more to learn and a lot more to achieve, but I know that with my commitment and passion, and my willingness to reflect on my mistakes and experiences, I have nothing to worry about 🙂

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website/portfolio!

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